Armasheddon – so whats it all about?

Armasheddon Came  about because I needed a large area to Play my ” toy soldiers “in  and also have enough room to work on my ongoing terrain and terrain building projects.So after being moved – pushed  and  shoved from room to room in the house it was decided ( by my good wife ) that i needed to make myself a gaming shed at the rear of the garden , this shed main specification was it needed to be large enough to house my new 10 foot by 10foot gaming table and sit  up to eight people comfortably and still give me room so i can potter around with my tools ( as blokes do ).

The shed is by no way finished as i need to fully insulate and board up the inside to make it more homely  but apart from the occasional moan about the lack of biscuits i haven’t had to many complaints.

Games we are currently playing at Armasheddon.


FOW-logo hordes-logo

warmachine_logo   WH40KLogo




The project I’m working on at the moment is a small 4foot * 4foot gaming table  for Warmachine  – I’m going for the steam industrial look which should hopefully be in keeping with the warmachine lore this table needs to be sturdy and small enough to take to my local gaming  club ( Essex Warhounds) where I play most Sundays evenings time permitting.

All the information on my projects – and the games I’m playing will be updated on this site , so please join in and update me of any projects – games  or in fact any thing gaming  related and I will put onto my blog.


~ by armasheddon on June 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Armasheddon – so whats it all about?”

  1. How much did the Shed set you back?

    • james

      Im not sure your aware but i was full time Carpenter and joiner so I built it myself over 5 days – the materials cost about £420

      but bear in mind the doors and windows I made myself so that saved me a few hunderd quid.
      The real cost i found has been the Glass for the windows and doors as i have kids and it needed to be safety glass so it can survive the odd football being kicked at it .

      if you are planning of building one let me know I can help .

  2. My dad has hinted at it

  3. I would be nice though i have my own space to have all my shit, and i so would work on a Mordheim board

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