Smoke plumes for Flames Of War

P1010380In this short project I will show you how I made some smoke plumes for flames of war – these add realism to the game and just make the board look more alive .

The flames are made from 100% cotton wool and make excellent markers for destroyed tanks and vehicles. They can also be used to make Smoke bombardments from your artillery or direct fire Smoke from guns and tanks.

I have made 6no for this project and they take about 20 minutes  to make and cost about 6 pence each , so very cost effective plus you get the added benefit of knowing you have made them yourself.

Ok This is what you need to do

1) Gather the materials together 

  • two pence pieces ( 6no )
  • Cotton wool
  • Red paint 
  • yellow paint ( optional )
  • Black spray
  • Hairspray ( optional )
  • PVA glue ( also know as wood glue )

2) in this stage you need to spray the two pence piece coins black on bothsides  , this will make the solid   base for the smoke and allows it to site nicely on the vehicle during the game – as photo above shows.Please also remember to only spray in a well ventilated area as the fumes will build up.

3) once the paint is dry pull off a small amount of cotton wall and glue to the top of the coin.P1010353

 4) Allow for the glue to dry and spray black – once this has also dried paint the cotton wall with streaks of red and yellow to make it look like fire  , once this is done once again allow to dry and then spray with hairspray to strengthen up the main body of the smoke this will make it more robust and it should stand up to the vigors of war.

5) The next stage is tricky you need to pull off a smallish section of cotton wool and glue to the main section of the smoke that has already been sprayed black and glued to the two pence base.


6) And the final stage is to spray the smoke black  being careful not to apply to much paint – I stood the smoke on a old bottle so i could rotate as i sprayed this helped me get a even colour to all sections of the smoke once dried you can then spray with hairspray to strengthen up the smoke the same as you did in section 4 and there you have it all done , and if you look closely you can see the yellow and red of the fire burning deep within the smoke.



~ by armasheddon on June 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Smoke plumes for Flames Of War”

  1. Great new website. I look forward to revisiting, for more tips & hints. Keep em coming!!

  2. …and they looked great pouring out the top of your Panzer IVs on Tuesday night lol !!!!!

    Great job mate they look great!

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