My 2 SS Panzerkompanie for Flames of War

This is a quick post on my Flames of War army that I am currently working on this post will be in 3 parts and will hopefully be updated as I assemble – paint and use my new army.

I have chosen to play  the 2 SS Panzerkompanie because it would make a change to play on the Axis side and the Germans in my opinion have the edge in battle the 2SS Panzerkompanie  have a core of combat veterans leavened with fanatical volunteers eager to serve the Fatherland , because of this the SS are all  Fearless Veterans

the army box i purchased includes all the vehicles and troops listed  and shown below.

panzer box

  • 6no Panzer IV
  • 1no Gepanzerte SS Panzergrenadier Platoon 4no Sd ZFz 251/17 Half tracks and MG teams
  • 1no SS Anti- Aircraft gun platoon 2no Sd KFz 7/1 Half tracks 
  • 1no Fallschrimjager Platton ( 7no Rifle/MG units )
  • 1no SS Rocket launcher Battery ( 3no 15cm NW41 rocket launchers )
  • 1no Artillery Anti Tank Gun Platoon ( 1no 8.8 PaK43 gun and command team )

the above comes to 1620 point if you choose not to upgrade  any units.

I have also attached the Army Crib sheet below for a more detailed look at the way this army has been assembled.


panzer army list

Over the last few weeks I have finally assembled all the units and have applied the undercoat in a Black Matt spray- I have also marked up the base or each unit with a reference number relating to its official title and reference name in the rule book  so if need be i can  just pick up the unit to check as some of the foot soldiers can look similar from a distance.



The above photo is the whole army  assembled  but not painted  and the below is the army based coated in Matt Black.


Over the next few weeks i will start to paint / modify and base  my army  this will all be in post no 2 on the same subject.


~ by armasheddon on June 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “My 2 SS Panzerkompanie for Flames of War”

  1. I am intreasted on how your project goes as I am intreasted in the same unit as well to begin play.

    • Great I will try and update as soon as possible – currently i have a 6 way game set up on sunday at my gaming club – 1500 pts each .
      will let you know how the 2 SS do.

  2. i’ve just started playing FoW, and actually bought this box also

    it’s a great starter set, although i wish it came with some instructions as to what goes where! right now i’ve got one little infantry guy who looks like he’s sitting down on a seat, holding some kind of stick or remote control. can’t for the life of me figure out where he goes though!

    • Luke

      yes i know what you mean i didnt get any instructions with the box set – had to look at the cobra book and find pictures off the internet – i think the man sitting down is the loader for the rear of the SD KFZ half track. if you look at my post on this subject you can see it in the photo.

      anyway good luck …

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