Home made Light Box – For basic photography of small Miniatures models for tabletop gaming

looking at my photos so far on this site it became apparent pretty quick that I need to improve the photography as in my opinion the photo’s  on this site do not do justice to the end product , in real life the unit’s  are  crisp clean and vibrant but on my photo’s they  looks dull – bland – boring.

To get other this problem I have had a think and it seems to me I have a few options open to me

  • Get a new expensive camera ( not a option as Armasheddons ethics is to do tabletop wargaming on the cheap ) •
  • Go to photography lessons ( night school – see above as to reason this is not going to happen )
  • Make or buy a light box
  • Get computer software to manipulate the picture once done
  • Get a remote flash ( this would involve a new camera )

So after weighing up the above I have chosen to go for two off  the options-

  1. A home made light box
  2. Computer software (freeware )

I will go into more detail on the software in another post but  I  thought I  would show you how I made a very simple Light box – please bear in mind I have no experience with photography ,I have just used common sense to make this light box ,and as the photos at the end of the post shows it does seem to work.

  1. OK in Typical Armasheddon style I will start with the Materials used for this  project
  • white 5mm foam board  4 no sheets
  • strong tape (  I used Gaffa tape – also know as duck tape )
  • Standard desk lamp
  • 1no daylight simulation Bulb

the above cost ( without the lamp ) £9.75  .

     2.   Cut the white foam board into 6no pieces as measurments below

  • 1no  ( Back )  440mm * 310mm
  • 2no ( sides )  195mm * 310mm
  • 1no ( top )      195mm * 440mm
  • 1no ( base )   290mm * 440mm     ( please note  I have left the base larger for stability )  

    3.   In the next stage you need to tape the white 5mm foam board  together to make a box as photo’s  below.




 4.  Once the box has been assembles like above you need to install the daylight Simulation Bulb into the lamp and light up the box .



As you can see the light box with the daylight bulb lights up well  and im very happy with the result –


I have attached  below two photo’s I  have taken the 1st one is without the light box and just a normal lamp – and the second one has been taken using my homemade light box  .








Both of the above photos have been taken by a very amatue photographer ( me ) using a standard Olympus D-545 zoom digital camera , and  Im very very happy with the result.

As stated earlier in this post I have no experence using  a camera  or light box so would  appricate any comments you may have on this post good or bad. 



~ by armasheddon on June 30, 2009.

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