How to Make hedges For FOW

Most of my Flames Of War games are played using the Fortress Europe   and Cobra intelligence books which dates  from January  to August 1944  so most of the battle are in the Normandy area  – so I needed to find a quick and easy way of making Hedges as most of Normandy was Criss-crossed with hedges and Bocage.

 “Please note the hedges are a little bit smaller then the Normandy Bocage but we still use this as Difficult going for the FOW games”






 P1010541I think the above looks impressive but is very easy to make.


1)  Materials Used

  • 3mm ply
  • sand – grit
  • Bleached Bone Games Workshop Paint ( for drybrushing  )
  • Brown spray
  • Woodland Scenics LICHEN
  • PVA Glue
  • Green Flow ( i used Games Workshop for thsi project )

2)  Once you have all the materials together you need to cut the 3mm ply in to strips 280mm long by 25mm wide and sand down the edges so there smooth


3) The next stage is to evenly apply PVA glue to the face of the ply  and sprinkle on the grit and small stones  ( I used Games Workshop  basing material ) I recommend a thick layer of PVA glue as you need the grit and stones to bed down into this- Once done allow to dry.


4) The next stage is to spray Brown and once dried dry brush  the high points with bleached Bone to give the base a more natural look.


5) Once the bleached bone has dried you can add some floc – you do this by putting small dabs of PVA glue and then sprinkling the green floc onto it – the PVA will dry clear.


6) The final stage is to glue on the Woodland Scenics LICHEN  using a thick line of PVA glue – making  sure  the LICHEN  its not to high and that it covers the whole base.



there you have it a simple and quick hedge – I will be making Bocage in a later post -its a bit more time consuming but will post soon.


~ by armasheddon on July 4, 2009.

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