My Warhammer 40K 500 point Army – Dark Elder


Ive just started to play 40K again as I have found most members of my local club play It and its easier to get a game.

My only fully 40K painted army is the Dark Elder and I usally play a small skirmish game of 500 points.

below is a detailed list of my army and some background info and Lore on the Dark Elder.

Dark Elder Lore

The Dark Elder inhabit a realm called Commorragh , a place as darkly twisted as its rulers,from which they launch piratical raids across the length and breadth of the warhammer 40,000 galaxy.The purpose of these raids is not to conquer , but to cause mayhem , steal and pilage , and most importantly CAPTURE new victims which will be taken back to Commorragh.What happens to them once they arrive is best not contemplated,for if anybody in the warhammer universe could be called properly evil ,its the Dark Elder.They are devious , vain and totally self serving ( a bit like our MP’s ) with no respect for any living creature. They revel in inflicting pain and suffering , and glory in causing death and destruction.

The Dark Elder are not nice at all , and to be captured by them is a fate far worse then death.

My Army



                              WS     BS     S     T     W        I      A   LD     SV            COST

Haemonculus           4        4      3     4     2      4    2     8        5+               25 each

Special rules : Independant Character

Additnal items : Hell mask      &   Archangel of pain



                           WS     BS     S     T     W        I      A   LD     SV            COST

Mandrakes            4        4      3     3     1         5       1     8     5+             15 each

Weapons : Spliter pistol : close H/H

Special rules :   Shadow Skinned   = 2 Armour save     Hidden Deployment



                       WS     BS     S     T     W        I      A   LD     SV            COST

Warrior squad    4        4      3     3      1        5      1    8       5+              8 each

Raider Squard    4         4      3     3      1        5     1    8       5+              8 each

Weapons    : Splinter Rifle     plus1 no Dark lance



               Front Armour         Side armour     Rear Armour     BS     Cost

Raider            10                         10                     10            4       55

Type : skimmer , fast , opened top

Crew: Dark Elder Raiding party

Weapon : Dark lance



 1no Haemonculi

2no 5man radier sqads – 1 no with dark lance  – 4no splinter rifle

2no raider tranporters  – armed with dark lance

1no 10 man Warrior squad – 2no with dark lance  – 8no splinter rifle

5no Mandrakes   – splinter pistol and close weapon.



The Dark Elder also get some special rules

Fleet of foot

The dark elder are a lithe and agile race ,noted for their fleetness of foot.In the shootign phase you may declare that a dark elder unit is going to run instead of shoot. thsi move is not effected by difficult terrane of other movement restrictions.

Piratical Raiders

the dark army are geared up to be a raiding force , intent of making a swift attack , seizing prisioners etc.To represent this , in any mission where there is a attacker and defender the Dark Elder will always be the attacker.

Capture Prisioners

The Dark Elder almost take prisioners durign the if a Dark Elder win in close combat and force the opponents to fall back , roll a D6 for each enermy casualty in the assult on a 4+ the model is taken as a prisioner.


Overall My Opinion of the Dark elder is its a hard race to play as they do not have large thick armour or many numbers to cope also i find them fragile and it takes cunnign and guile to use them well.However if you possess the finesse and skill a Dark Elder army can run rings around any army , leavign them terrified and most importantly defeated.

and finally this  is a picture of my Dark Elders in battle.



~ by armasheddon on July 8, 2009.

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  1. Nice army you got there 🙂

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