Tank Traps for Flames Of War & 40K

This is a short tutorial of how I made some tank traps for my Flames of War and 40K games .



But first a quick discription of TANK TRAPS  as used in WW2

Tank Traps used to control motor vehicle access to vulnerable areas like protected parks, beaches, and forests. Unfortunately for soldiers, tank traps are not terribly effective against tanks, although they are certainly useful for preventing access by average vehicles in a non-military situation.

From a distance, a tank trap can look kind of like a strange set of teeth, which is why some people call them “dragon’s  teeth.” Many tank traps used multiple lines of these metal  fortifications, often staggered so that tanks would have extreme difficulties if they tried to penetrate the tank trap. The spaces between the fortifications would also be strung with barbed wire, concertina wire, steel rods, and other deterrents which would keep foot soldiers out in addition to tanks.

But  if a tank trap is well defended by protected troops with armor-penetrating weapons, turning back and pursuing another route may start to seem quite appealing to the leaders of the tank division.


1.   gather all the materials you need for this project.

  • 3mm ply
  • PVA glue
  • Green flock
  • 3mm plastic angle 
  • paint various colours
  • Brown spray
  • Black Spray
  • basing  material ( I used games work shop standard issue )
  • follege material ( I used the stuff they use for train sets- which you can find in your local toy shop )

2.  once you have all the materials you need to cut the 3mm ply into medium FOW base size which is 65mm * 50mm  and spray the bottom black


3. Once the black spray has dried turn over the ply and cover with a thick layer of PVA glue  and then sprinkle on the small grit basing  materials.


4.Once the PVA glue has dried spray brown  ( or base colour you require Yellow for sand ETC ) and then dry brush to make the grit look more natural


5. Cover the base with small dabs of PVA glue where you require the grass effect and then sprinkle on the green flock  ( I used two colour for this project ) and allow to dry.


That is the base done for now leave to one side as move on to making the Tank traps .

6. Cut the 3mm plastic angle into 15mm strips and glue together like so  once dried paint a metal colour I used GW Boltgun Metal


7. Once the paint has dried give it a small drybrush coat of rust red and stick to the base using PVA glue.


8. the last stage is to glue down the follege using PVA glue again.

And there you have it – each one takes about 20 mins to make and cost about 54 pence all of the items I found in my local hobby shop and the level of skill needed to make this project was minimal.

If you do choose to make some please forward on your  photos  and comments so I can add on to this site.


~ by armasheddon on July 11, 2009.

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  1. Looks good. Thanks for sharing.

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