My Flames of War German SS army in detail Sd Kfz/17 Halftrack and MG team

Post one ( Panser VI )

Post Three ( SD KFz 251/17 Halftrack 2cm AA )


 This is post number TWO  on my 2000 point Flames of War main army which is the German 2.SS Panzerdivision 

in this  post I  will go into detail about one of the main combat platoons which is the

Gepanergrenadier SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon and its main vehicle the Sd Kfz 251/17 Half track



The m.S.P.W. (Sd.Kfz.251/17) in combat

The mittlere Schützenpanzerwagen (Sd.Kfz.251/1) was meant as a way to bring the Panzergrenadiere into battle along with the Panzer, so that they could keep up and be protected against small-arms fire and scrapnel. It was allowed for the m.S.P.W. to paticipate in the attack with the ten-man crew inside, however it involved great risk in case of anti-tank guns or fighters and fighter-bombers.

Once the crew dismounted, they were to stay near the m.S.P.W., but not too close. The m.S.P.W. would provide fire support with its two machine guns (one front and one rear). The m.S.P.W.s would make stops of 15 – 30 seconds duration to fire the machine guns, fireing at ranges up to 600 m. When fireing on the move, the range was 400 m. The shots were fired in bursts, of 6 – 8 shots for the MG 42 and 3 – 8 shots for the MG 34. 

These vehicles were meant to enable panzergrenadiers to accompany panzers and provide infantry support as required. In practice, there were never enough of them to go around, and many panzergrenadier units had to make do with trucks for transport. Only a very few favored divisions like Panzer Lehr received enough to fully equip their infantry units.

And the Flames of War Rules / Arsenal shows this vehicle statistics  as


Name – Sd Kfz 251/17 (2cm ) half track                   

Weapon – passenger fired AA MG

Mobility -half tracked           

Range-2cm Flak 16″ 40cm

ROF     – 3                                       

Armour side -0

Armour front – 1                       

Armour top – 0

Anti Tank – 5                                  

Firepower – +5

Equipment stats   – 1no passenger fired MG – AA 2cm Flak


this  is a good unit as this platoon can fight from the half tracks.This gives the company the firepower to assault most targets without slowing the pace of the advance.

and a fully painted Flames of War one looks like this.


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