Playing Car Wars / Warmachine FREE online using Vassal

Car Wars and many many boardgames can be played online in real time using a gaming module and a cleaver bit of software called vassal.


VASSAL Overview – What Does It Do?

VASSAL is an engine for building and playing Internet-capable versions of turn-based, human-vs-human games. Players move and manipulate game pieces via the mouse while typing accompanying text. Moves can be recorded into a log file and stepped through one at a time for email play. During live Internet play, all moves and text are automatically broadcast to other players in real time. Combining a live VASSAL session with a third-party Internet voice-chat tool (such as NetMeeting or TeamSpeak) allows you to play with people around the world at very close to face-to-face pace.

What distinguishes VASSAL from other board gaming tools?

  • Play in real time over a live Internet connection or via email
  • Switch between email and live play any number of times during the course of a game
    100% Java application runs on any platform
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop and menu-driven interface with many keyboard shortcuts
  • Auto-report feature reports customizable messages automatically in response to every move
  • Customizable maps: define the number of map windows, each with its own set of tools. Even define your own icons for the toolbar.
  • Customizable counters: define a different right-click menu, with nested menus, for each counter. Define your own keyboard shortcuts.
  • Advanced counter definitions: rotate to any number of facings, n-sided, combined layers, arbitrary shapes, text labels in customizable fonts and colors, property sheets.
  • Limited information capability: pieces that hide their identity or turn completely invisible. Map windows that can be hidden from other players.

VASSAL’s interface is the simplest and most intuitive you’ll find. To move a piece, simply click and drag. When connected to the server, you’ll see you’re opponent’s pieces move on your screen in real time. You can also watch other people’s games in progress without participating. Games with any number of players are supported.

 Armasheddon’s  Plan  of how we can play each other online

what I’m trying to do it get a small community who play Car Wars / Warmachine  online  – but at present all we lack are players  so if you fancy playing  and signing up to Amasheddons Vassal communtiy  send me a comment and follow  links below ( please be aware I’m newish to Vassel myself so it will be a learning curve for all – but I  think and hope the benefits of playing  anyone online will hopefully outweigh  the   problems we will have at getting everything to work )

I’m guessing it will take some time to set up and I strongly suggest you play through Vassals tutorial that comes with the download and play a few sample games first.

anyway to download vassal and the modules follow links below 


Car Wars Module

 Warmachine ( please note still in Beta testing but seems to work )

 And that’s it – like  i said if you fancy being  involved in a   small gaming community who will play online send me a comment and we can see if we can all get this working.

and maybe we can have a game or two….




war machine


~ by armasheddon on July 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Playing Car Wars / Warmachine FREE online using Vassal”

  1. If you’re still looking for Vassal Car Wars players I’d certainly give it a go. I played Car Wars years ago as a teenager and would love to give it a go again although I’m totally new to Vassal.

    • Yes I’m still looking for new players – vassal is best played with two.

      If you could give me a couple of days to get everything sorted my end we can try and arrange a game.

      If you haven’t done it yet I recommend you download Vassel and the Car wars module ( both links can be found on my site )

      To be honest as my original post said this will be a bit hit and miss over the first few games but I can’t see no reason why it wont work if we both stick at it.

      So if you want to can reply to me as a comment on this site or email me on

      And thanks for showing a interest


  2. Lee, I’ve emailed you.

  3. […] Well I would like to report Armasheddon had its first FREE online game of Car Wars using Vassal – if you are interested in how this is achieved follow my earlier link Here […]

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