German Panzers


panzer IV flames of warHaving the biggest and the best tanks is what the German army is known for. While it is easy to see how the Panther and Tiger tanks are designed to knock out fortified positions and other heavily armoured tanks, it is less obvious the roles the different Panzer variants play in a mixed force. Most of the time you will be limited to one type of panzer due to the year, but if you’re fighting in early 1944 (Festung Europa) then the decision becomes trickier. When it comes to Panzers the IV variant might be a waste of points depending on the role you want them to play.

Panzer IV

The panzer IV is the newer model of panzer available to the German forces. Its main gun has an anti-tank value of 11 making it well suited to punching holes in your enemy’s heavy armour. Since it only gets to shoot twice its best used to engage heavy armour. Leave the infantry and light tank fighting up to the older panzer models, they are better suited to it. Since this tank is very expensive you want to avoid taking losses at all costs. There is an excellent strategy article available talking about the panzer and how it fits into an army.

Panzer III M

The Panzer III M has a higher rate of fire than the Panzer IV and one less firepower. Even with the firepower reduction on average it performs better vs infantry in bulletproof cover and lightly armoured vehicles than the Panzer 4. Depending on your opponent taking some of these guys may be well worth it.

Panzer III H

This model has one less shot than the panzer 3 M but one more firepower and all of its other stats are the same. Unless you really need to save the 5 points, the panzer III M is a better all around tank. This panzer, on average, is worse at killing troops in bulletproof cover despite the better firepower value.


The Panzer IV is your all out heavy tank killer while the panzer III M is better able to handle light tanks and infantry. When devising a strategy make sure you’re using the right tool for the job, Panzer IV’s are wasted points going up against lightly armoured vehicles and infantry just as the Panzer III M will have many of its shots bounce off heavy armour.


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