My Flames of War German SS army in detail Sd Kfz 7/1 ( 2.0 CM ) Anti Aircraft Section

Post 1 ( Panzer iv )

Post 2 ( SD KFz 251/17 Halftracks )


This is post number Three  on my 2000 point Flames of War main army which is the German 2.SS Panzerdivision 



The Sd Kfz 7 (Mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 8t) was the main medium halftrack/tractor of the German Army. It was designed by Krauss-Maffei AG of Muenchen-Allach and was produced by Krauss-Maffei of Munich, Borgward of Bremen, Buessing-NAG of Berlin, Daimler-Benz of Berlin, and later by Saurer Werke AG of Vienna and Italian Breda.

Two of the variations on the basic model used during the war were the Sd Kfz 7/1 mounting the 2cm Flakvierling 38 (Quad 2cm) and the Sd Kfz 7/2 fitted with the 3.7cm FlaK 36.

Initially the 3.7cm FlaK 36 was mounted on the Sd Kfz 6 (5t) but when production of the 5-ton halftrack was ended it was decided to utilise the Sd Kfz 7 superstructure already in service as the Sd Kfz 7/1.

The 37mm gun could be traversed 360 degrees by hand and could be elevated from -8 to +85 degrees.

The crew consisted of seven men: a commander, five gunners and a driver.



In Flames of War

The Sd Kfz 7/2 can be found as part of your divisional choices and as a can be a Weapon Platoon choice as part of some Panzer Kompanies.

The 3.7cm anti-aircraft gun has a range of 24”/60cm, a good ROF 4, AT 6 and Firepower 5+.and they are classed as fearless veterans

You can upgrade to armoured half tracks with front , side and top armour rating of 0 for +10 points per half track.

the current cost for one standard SD KFz 7/1 is 65 points

 So even if the enemy’s aircraft don’t turn up I’m sure you’ll find a use for them.




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