Blood Bowl Pitch

This is post no 1 on my latest project for Armasheddon  – which is a full size 6mmMDF Blood Bowl playing field and all the bits that come with it like the dugouts – score boards ETC.

The reason Im making a gameboard is because I really like the game but in my opinion the only thing that lets Blood Bowl the game down  is the supplied cardboard playing field as it does not add much to the dynamics of the game as it looks a little old fashioned and flat the colours are a little to bright and shinny not like a real pitch at all.

Size and Discription

The board is made out of standard 6mm MDF with a green paint finish with flocking and extras added  ( skulls  – blood puddles ETC  ) to liven up the board.I have kept the size the same so all the throwing Templates ETC  that are  supplied with the basic game all still work with this board this  also makes it simpler as all the rules / distances / measurments  still work  as intended and in turn this  allows for the board to be played at competitions and  tournaments down at my local gaming cub ( Essex Warhounds )

currently I am only working on the pitch once this has been completed I will work on the dug outs and score boards and turn makers , Im thinking of using Hurst moulds for the dug out – but will update as I progress.

Playing Board  phase 1 of the project  ( getting  the basic shape and colour )

The first thing I needed to do was to cut down some 6mm MDF ( medium density fiber board ) to playing size I had to allow for the full sizt pitch and have enough space around the edges for the dug outs and score boards , after careful thought and measurements i have decided to go for a board that is 1200mm * 1500mm

once the board is cut I found the center of the board and marked out 15 squares * 26 Squares  all at 33mm *33mm  as photo below.P1010003

The next bit is tricky and I must admit I have a advantage because by trade Im a  qualified carpenter.

To get the effect I wanted to show on my board was each square to be clearly marked but not to much as it takes the effect away of the board and the models which are playing on it.To get this effect i  used a standard woodworking router with a 3mm V router bit and went for a plunge depth of 2.5mm  this has given the effect below.



By using the router and a straight edge you can then slowly work your way along all the lines until finally you will eventually   complete  the whole board like so ( this took me about 3 hours over two nights )



that’s it for this post – Post two will be a update on the painting  and effects I have used for the board .



~ by armasheddon on September 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “Blood Bowl Pitch”

  1. I had the same idea bu then realised that i am very lazy. Top effort on your part though. Will be interesting to watch the final product develop.

    • Adam

      yes its going ok – just painted the board and put in the white lines – also done a icon for the center circle ( orc head ) – slow work and painting isnt my strong point – will update soon as I get some time to upload photos.

      but thxs for the comment..

  2. Looking forward to seeing some more pictures, I like your idea of using the router, I don’t have the wood working skills for that and had to do mine another way. Yours will look great when its finished. Nice work.


    • Thanks Stuart – work is still ongoing and thinking about having the dug out at a lower level like a dungeon – this will mean i have to raise the board into a box which will also help for the storage of the players – anyway will keep you updated as i do more work on the board.

  3. I’ve been making plans for a board of my own and your idea of using the router gives it an excellent finish. Is it a tricky skill to master?

    Good luck with the painting! Looking forward to seeing the finished product (which I’m sure you could sell on Ebay for a tidy profit. Niche market!).

    • well ive just got a air gun which should help me improve my painting skills and help me get a nice grass looking effect – Im at a show this weekend but should be working back on the Blood Bowl board soon .

      the router is hard work but with time and effort it can be acheived but like i said in my post it did take a few hours to do but I do think worth it- and good luck with your board( lets hope we both dont try and sell on ebay at the same time LOL )

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