Vassal it only bloody worked..

carwars pic

Well I would like to report Armasheddon had its first FREE online game of Car Wars using Vassal – if you are interested in how this is achieved follow my earlier link Here


After a message left to my earlier post regarding looking for players I was contacted by Martin , and after a few emails and conversations we both decided to give it a go , the set up was as follows.

  • Skype  account set up for both players ( free )so we could communicate vocaly  – this seemed a easier then typing in the chat window
  • Vassal set up on both computers and updated to newish version
  • Car War deluxe module installed on both computers
  • We both had a copy of the Car wars rule book in front of us so we could clarify the rules and help speed things up
  • Two hours of our time dedicated to get this thing to work

As this was our first game together we both decided to just play one car each so we could get used to the dynamics of Vassal and work out the best way to get everything to work .

The Vassal map we played  on was the Buffalo Municipal  which is a standard round arena with 6no entrances  scattered around this arena was 8no concrete pillars which gave some sort of cover.

the cars we decided to only go for one each and to both have the same – we went for a standard pre made car from the AADA Vehicle guide Voloume 2 which was called the Yellow Jacket as car description below

Yellow jacket

nice-little-yellow-carwhen the laser factory announced that it would produce a division 10 duelling vehicle – and a subcompact at that ! incorporating a $8000 laser ,the duelling community was skeptical.As finally released in 2033 the Yellow Jacket is a triumph of design , not a dollar or a ounce is wasted. its light armour ( with none top or bottom )  means the Yellow Jacket driver must win quickly or die. But the potent laser and the Yellow Jackets handling commands respect – enough so , in fact that this model is often seen out side of the arena A single good shot anywhere would take it out , but a foe who fails to get that shot in QUICKLY may not live to rectify the error.

 Yellow Jacket data sheet

  • subcompact
  • Hvy chassis
  • small power plant
  • hvy suspension
  • 4HD tires
  • laser front
  • Armour F 5  R 5  L 4  B5  T0  U0
  • acceleration 5
  • HC 3
  • 2400Ibs in weight
  • $9.998 cost total

The first game

well after a few minor problems with Skype and vassal we did actually get to play a whole game using the cars above , the first game took about 1 hour to play and I would say most of that time was getting used to Vassal and it numerous options  ,but Im sure Martin would agree once all that was sorted the game ran very well   with Martin   coming out the outright winner  as my car was left a smouldering wreak after turn 5   after a direct hit from Laser which ripped through my front facing armour – power supply and left my driver unconscious with third degree burns .

Overall a good nights fun and we have arranged to play again , but this time designing our own cars up to a value of $50.000  which will hopefully produce a longer more tactical game .

If you would like to join in on this second game  or indeed any game just contact me through this  web site and we can arrange ,the only limitation is we play at 8:00 GMT  Mid Week and you would need to set up a Skype account ( takes 5mins and its free )



~ by armasheddon on October 3, 2009.

One Response to “Vassal it only bloody worked..”

  1. Hey, it came down to some lucky/unlcky (depending on your perspective) dice rolls in the end. We were facing each other at point blank range, you needed a 4 to hit and got a 3 – it was game over! It was great fun even with just a couple of basic cars. Looking forward to the next one.

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