Playing Car Wars / Warmachine FREE online using Vassal

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Car Wars and many many boardgames can be played online in real time using a gaming module and a cleaver bit of software called vassal.


VASSAL Overview – What Does It Do?

VASSAL is an engine for building and playing Internet-capable versions of turn-based, human-vs-human games. Players move and manipulate game pieces via the mouse while typing accompanying text. Moves can be recorded into a log file and stepped through one at a time for email play. During live Internet play, all moves and text are automatically broadcast to other players in real time. Combining a live VASSAL session with a third-party Internet voice-chat tool (such as NetMeeting or TeamSpeak) allows you to play with people around the world at very close to face-to-face pace.

What distinguishes VASSAL from other board gaming tools?

  • Play in real time over a live Internet connection or via email
  • Switch between email and live play any number of times during the course of a game
    100% Java application runs on any platform
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop and menu-driven interface with many keyboard shortcuts
  • Auto-report feature reports customizable messages automatically in response to every move
  • Customizable maps: define the number of map windows, each with its own set of tools. Even define your own icons for the toolbar.
  • Customizable counters: define a different right-click menu, with nested menus, for each counter. Define your own keyboard shortcuts.
  • Advanced counter definitions: rotate to any number of facings, n-sided, combined layers, arbitrary shapes, text labels in customizable fonts and colors, property sheets.
  • Limited information capability: pieces that hide their identity or turn completely invisible. Map windows that can be hidden from other players.

VASSAL’s interface is the simplest and most intuitive you’ll find. To move a piece, simply click and drag. When connected to the server, you’ll see you’re opponent’s pieces move on your screen in real time. You can also watch other people’s games in progress without participating. Games with any number of players are supported.

 Armasheddon’s  Plan  of how we can play each other online

what I’m trying to do it get a small community who play Car Wars / Warmachine  online  – but at present all we lack are players  so if you fancy playing  and signing up to Amasheddons Vassal communtiy  send me a comment and follow  links below ( please be aware I’m newish to Vassel myself so it will be a learning curve for all – but I  think and hope the benefits of playing  anyone online will hopefully outweigh  the   problems we will have at getting everything to work )

I’m guessing it will take some time to set up and I strongly suggest you play through Vassals tutorial that comes with the download and play a few sample games first.

anyway to download vassal and the modules follow links below 


Car Wars Module

 Warmachine ( please note still in Beta testing but seems to work )

 And that’s it – like  i said if you fancy being  involved in a   small gaming community who will play online send me a comment and we can see if we can all get this working.

and maybe we can have a game or two….




war machine


My Flames of War German SS army in detail Sd Kfz/17 Halftrack and MG team

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Post one ( Panser VI )

Post Three ( SD KFz 251/17 Halftrack 2cm AA )


 This is post number TWO  on my 2000 point Flames of War main army which is the German 2.SS Panzerdivision 

in this  post I  will go into detail about one of the main combat platoons which is the

Gepanergrenadier SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon and its main vehicle the Sd Kfz 251/17 Half track



The m.S.P.W. (Sd.Kfz.251/17) in combat

The mittlere Schützenpanzerwagen (Sd.Kfz.251/1) was meant as a way to bring the Panzergrenadiere into battle along with the Panzer, so that they could keep up and be protected against small-arms fire and scrapnel. It was allowed for the m.S.P.W. to paticipate in the attack with the ten-man crew inside, however it involved great risk in case of anti-tank guns or fighters and fighter-bombers.

Once the crew dismounted, they were to stay near the m.S.P.W., but not too close. The m.S.P.W. would provide fire support with its two machine guns (one front and one rear). The m.S.P.W.s would make stops of 15 – 30 seconds duration to fire the machine guns, fireing at ranges up to 600 m. When fireing on the move, the range was 400 m. The shots were fired in bursts, of 6 – 8 shots for the MG 42 and 3 – 8 shots for the MG 34. 

These vehicles were meant to enable panzergrenadiers to accompany panzers and provide infantry support as required. In practice, there were never enough of them to go around, and many panzergrenadier units had to make do with trucks for transport. Only a very few favored divisions like Panzer Lehr received enough to fully equip their infantry units.

And the Flames of War Rules / Arsenal shows this vehicle statistics  as


Name – Sd Kfz 251/17 (2cm ) half track                   

Weapon – passenger fired AA MG

Mobility -half tracked           

Range-2cm Flak 16″ 40cm

ROF     – 3                                       

Armour side -0

Armour front – 1                       

Armour top – 0

Anti Tank – 5                                  

Firepower – +5

Equipment stats   – 1no passenger fired MG – AA 2cm Flak


this  is a good unit as this platoon can fight from the half tracks.This gives the company the firepower to assault most targets without slowing the pace of the advance.

and a fully painted Flames of War one looks like this.


Tank Traps for Flames Of War & 40K

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This is a short tutorial of how I made some tank traps for my Flames of War and 40K games .



But first a quick discription of TANK TRAPS  as used in WW2

Tank Traps used to control motor vehicle access to vulnerable areas like protected parks, beaches, and forests. Unfortunately for soldiers, tank traps are not terribly effective against tanks, although they are certainly useful for preventing access by average vehicles in a non-military situation.

From a distance, a tank trap can look kind of like a strange set of teeth, which is why some people call them “dragon’s  teeth.” Many tank traps used multiple lines of these metal  fortifications, often staggered so that tanks would have extreme difficulties if they tried to penetrate the tank trap. The spaces between the fortifications would also be strung with barbed wire, concertina wire, steel rods, and other deterrents which would keep foot soldiers out in addition to tanks.

But  if a tank trap is well defended by protected troops with armor-penetrating weapons, turning back and pursuing another route may start to seem quite appealing to the leaders of the tank division.

Continue reading ‘Tank Traps for Flames Of War & 40K’

My Warhammer 40K 500 point Army – Dark Elder

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Ive just started to play 40K again as I have found most members of my local club play It and its easier to get a game.

My only fully 40K painted army is the Dark Elder and I usally play a small skirmish game of 500 points.

below is a detailed list of my army and some background info and Lore on the Dark Elder.

Dark Elder Lore

The Dark Elder inhabit a realm called Commorragh , a place as darkly twisted as its rulers,from which they launch piratical raids across the length and breadth of the warhammer 40,000 galaxy.The purpose of these raids is not to conquer , but to cause mayhem , steal and pilage , and most importantly CAPTURE new victims which will be taken back to Commorragh.What happens to them once they arrive is best not contemplated,for if anybody in the warhammer universe could be called properly evil ,its the Dark Elder.They are devious , vain and totally self serving ( a bit like our MP’s ) with no respect for any living creature. They revel in inflicting pain and suffering , and glory in causing death and destruction.

The Dark Elder are not nice at all , and to be captured by them is a fate far worse then death.

My Army



                              WS     BS     S     T     W        I      A   LD     SV            COST

Haemonculus           4        4      3     4     2      4    2     8        5+               25 each

Special rules : Independant Character

Additnal items : Hell mask      &   Archangel of pain



                           WS     BS     S     T     W        I      A   LD     SV            COST

Mandrakes            4        4      3     3     1         5       1     8     5+             15 each

Weapons : Spliter pistol : close H/H

Special rules :   Shadow Skinned   = 2 Armour save     Hidden Deployment



                       WS     BS     S     T     W        I      A   LD     SV            COST

Warrior squad    4        4      3     3      1        5      1    8       5+              8 each

Raider Squard    4         4      3     3      1        5     1    8       5+              8 each

Weapons    : Splinter Rifle     plus1 no Dark lance



               Front Armour         Side armour     Rear Armour     BS     Cost

Raider            10                         10                     10            4       55

Type : skimmer , fast , opened top

Crew: Dark Elder Raiding party

Weapon : Dark lance



 1no Haemonculi

2no 5man radier sqads – 1 no with dark lance  – 4no splinter rifle

2no raider tranporters  – armed with dark lance

1no 10 man Warrior squad – 2no with dark lance  – 8no splinter rifle

5no Mandrakes   – splinter pistol and close weapon.



The Dark Elder also get some special rules

Fleet of foot

The dark elder are a lithe and agile race ,noted for their fleetness of foot.In the shootign phase you may declare that a dark elder unit is going to run instead of shoot. thsi move is not effected by difficult terrane of other movement restrictions.

Piratical Raiders

the dark army are geared up to be a raiding force , intent of making a swift attack , seizing prisioners etc.To represent this , in any mission where there is a attacker and defender the Dark Elder will always be the attacker.

Capture Prisioners

The Dark Elder almost take prisioners durign the if a Dark Elder win in close combat and force the opponents to fall back , roll a D6 for each enermy casualty in the assult on a 4+ the model is taken as a prisioner.


Overall My Opinion of the Dark elder is its a hard race to play as they do not have large thick armour or many numbers to cope also i find them fragile and it takes cunnign and guile to use them well.However if you possess the finesse and skill a Dark Elder army can run rings around any army , leavign them terrified and most importantly defeated.

and finally this  is a picture of my Dark Elders in battle.


How to Make hedges For FOW

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Most of my Flames Of War games are played using the Fortress Europe   and Cobra intelligence books which dates  from January  to August 1944  so most of the battle are in the Normandy area  – so I needed to find a quick and easy way of making Hedges as most of Normandy was Criss-crossed with hedges and Bocage.

 “Please note the hedges are a little bit smaller then the Normandy Bocage but we still use this as Difficult going for the FOW games”






 P1010541I think the above looks impressive but is very easy to make.


1)  Materials Used

  • 3mm ply
  • sand – grit
  • Bleached Bone Games Workshop Paint ( for drybrushing  )
  • Brown spray
  • Woodland Scenics LICHEN
  • PVA Glue
  • Green Flow ( i used Games Workshop for thsi project )

2)  Once you have all the materials together you need to cut the 3mm ply in to strips 280mm long by 25mm wide and sand down the edges so there smooth


3) The next stage is to evenly apply PVA glue to the face of the ply  and sprinkle on the grit and small stones  ( I used Games Workshop  basing material ) I recommend a thick layer of PVA glue as you need the grit and stones to bed down into this- Once done allow to dry.


4) The next stage is to spray Brown and once dried dry brush  the high points with bleached Bone to give the base a more natural look.


5) Once the bleached bone has dried you can add some floc – you do this by putting small dabs of PVA glue and then sprinkling the green floc onto it – the PVA will dry clear.


6) The final stage is to glue on the Woodland Scenics LICHEN  using a thick line of PVA glue – making  sure  the LICHEN  its not to high and that it covers the whole base.



there you have it a simple and quick hedge – I will be making Bocage in a later post -its a bit more time consuming but will post soon.

Elephant Tank

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Below you will find a  photo of a Pink German  Elephant Heavy Tank   which was painted and given to my wife as a birthday present from a close gaming friend of mine ( thanks Andy ) as it has been done so well I thought I would photograph  using my new light box.



And a original one


Home made Light Box – For basic photography of small Miniatures models for tabletop gaming

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looking at my photos so far on this site it became apparent pretty quick that I need to improve the photography as in my opinion the photo’s  on this site do not do justice to the end product , in real life the unit’s  are  crisp clean and vibrant but on my photo’s they  looks dull – bland – boring.

To get other this problem I have had a think and it seems to me I have a few options open to me

  • Get a new expensive camera ( not a option as Armasheddons ethics is to do tabletop wargaming on the cheap ) •
  • Go to photography lessons ( night school – see above as to reason this is not going to happen )
  • Make or buy a light box
  • Get computer software to manipulate the picture once done
  • Get a remote flash ( this would involve a new camera )

So after weighing up the above I have chosen to go for two off  the options-

  1. A home made light box
  2. Computer software (freeware )

I will go into more detail on the software in another post but  I  thought I  would show you how I made a very simple Light box – please bear in mind I have no experience with photography ,I have just used common sense to make this light box ,and as the photos at the end of the post shows it does seem to work.

  1. OK in Typical Armasheddon style I will start with the Materials used for this  project
  • white 5mm foam board  4 no sheets
  • strong tape (  I used Gaffa tape – also know as duck tape )
  • Standard desk lamp
  • 1no daylight simulation Bulb

the above cost ( without the lamp ) £9.75  .

     2.   Cut the white foam board into 6no pieces as measurments below

  • 1no  ( Back )  440mm * 310mm
  • 2no ( sides )  195mm * 310mm
  • 1no ( top )      195mm * 440mm
  • 1no ( base )   290mm * 440mm     ( please note  I have left the base larger for stability )  

    3.   In the next stage you need to tape the white 5mm foam board  together to make a box as photo’s  below.




 4.  Once the box has been assembles like above you need to install the daylight Simulation Bulb into the lamp and light up the box .



As you can see the light box with the daylight bulb lights up well  and im very happy with the result –


I have attached  below two photo’s I  have taken the 1st one is without the light box and just a normal lamp – and the second one has been taken using my homemade light box  .








Both of the above photos have been taken by a very amatue photographer ( me ) using a standard Olympus D-545 zoom digital camera , and  Im very very happy with the result.

As stated earlier in this post I have no experence using  a camera  or light box so would  appricate any comments you may have on this post good or bad.